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Project Description
The Windows Media Playlist Generator is a simple windows application that generates playlist files for Windows Media Player (v11) based on the files within a selected folder.


1) Select a folder containing media files. Click "..." and browse to a folder.

2) Enter the title for the playlist (that will appear in Windows Media Player).
You can also have the Playlist title "built" from the Folder name.
Example Folder: C:\folder1\folder2\Artist\Album
The resulting playlist title would be "Artist - Album".

3) Select the file types to include; All Media Files, Audio Files Only, Video Files Only, MP3 Files Only.
Note: The list of file extensions for Audio and Video files can be modified in the *.exe.config file.

4) If you would like to include any files contains in sub-folders of the the selected media folder, check the box to include sub-folders.

5) Click the Generate Playlist button and you will be prompted for the location and name of the playlist file.
The default playlist filename is the Playlist title.

Software Requirements :
- Windows XP, Vista, 2003 Server
- .NET 2.0 Framework

Reference :

For more information about the Windows Media Playlist Elements Reference, visit

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